Skepticism in Action: Katie Couric Investigates the Sillies

We must be on our guard when people are making misleading medical claims to children. Fortunately, Katie Couric has the courage to investigate and expose the lies. Watch her expose the so-called cure “Shake the Sillies Out”:

It’s a song you’re probably familiar with. “Shake your Sillies Out” is easy to learn and adorable to watch. But according to new research, there’s only one problem: It doesn’t work.

Watching her interact with the kids was priceless: “What would you do if I told you that those things don’t work? In fact, there is zero scientific evidence that you can [dramatically puts on glasses] jump your jigglies out, squiggle your squirmies out, or even wiggle your waggles away. You’re living a lie.”

Now, if only we could get the mainstream media to report like this on real scientific quackery…

4 Responses to Skepticism in Action: Katie Couric Investigates the Sillies

  1. Her poker face was the best part. I was impressed at how well she (mostly) kept it up throughout. And I love the bit where she just keeps walking towards the camera… and walking… and walking…

  2. Julia Galef says:

    @Greta — Ha, I know! But the dismayed looks on the little kids’ faces were almost as delightful.

  3. Conrad Hudson says:

    Hilarius! I started laughing at the tiny chair and didn’t stop. Was that Morgan Freeman?

    • Jesse Galef says:

      I don’t know! It certainly sounded like him.

      I didn’t actually notice the tiny chair, I was too busy laughing about applying a faux-scientific attitude to things like ‘the wigglies’

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